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Not sure how to entertain kids in your venue? We can help!

We have a number of entertainment options for your venue, including fully-hosted kids clubs and table-based activities to keep kids entertained while parents enjoy your venue. Please contact us for a confidential discussion about your needs and how we can tailor a solution to help! 


We have created a super fun and exclusive range of CuriosityMats to entertain guests of all ages (even adults!). The mats are reusable, cost-effective and sustainable, with long term durability of 6-12 months*. There's no need for wasted colouring-in sheets, pencil shavings or sharpeners, unsightly marks on furniture and walls or slippery pencils on the floor - we have the solution to keep little ones entertained at the table. Contact us for more information about our CuriosityMats and why so many venues are ordering their packs! *dependent on frequency of use

Wedding Table Arrangement

Kids Club!

Are you a wedding venue and have no idea how to entertain the children of your guests without interruptions during the wedding? We have an affordable, fully-hosted Wedding Kids Club service, including 4 hours of games and activities for all ages! Our experienced hosts have Working with Children Clearances and capacity for up to 16 children of various ages with a 1:4 ratio.

Please contact us to discuss your wedding venue and the options we have available for your happy couple.   

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